12 Days of Jennerette

The Buffalo Sabres play the Washington Capitols tonight at the Verizon Center.  As I told you yesterday I would have something special for you Caps fans.  Here it is, from the greatest hockey commentator in the business, Rick Jennerette’s 12 Days of Christmas:


By: David

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Zillow Home Value Index

Zillow.com has compiled a list of cities that are having the best year-over-year increases in home value.  The study included cities with more than 20,000 residents and compared their October 2009 Zillow Home Value Index with it’s 2008 Index.  The Zillow Home Value Index measures the median home value in an area.  According to the research the cities with the most appreaciation of home values include a few near my hometown of Grand Island, NY in the Buffalo Metro Area.  Here’s the top ten (Buffalo Metro Area in bold):

1.  Charleston, WV (17.0%)

2.  New Orleans, LA (14.2%)

3.  Wilmington, DE (13.4%)

4.  Amherst, NY (12.5%)

5.  West Seneca, NY (11.5%)

6.  Mequon, WI (11.4%)

7.  Rochester, NY (10.6%)*

8.  Cheektowaga, NY (9.8%)

9.  Florence, SC (9.7%)

10.  North Little Rock, AR (9.0%)

* Near SUNY Brockport where I attended college

By: David

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Things I Learned While On Vacation

I travelled to Buffalo for Thanksgiving last week to see my family and friends in the place where I grew up and here are a few things I learned:

1)   D.C. transportation is great.

I took a cab to the Ballston Metro, the Metro to Union Station, the MARC train to Baltimore, a shuttle to the airport, and a plane to Buffalo.  I didn’t need to drive to the airport and park my car in long term parking which was nice.  It took some time (3 hours, I think) but I didn’t mind.  I didn’t have any problems and made it with plenty of time to spare.  And I got away relatively cheaply (under $20 excluding the flight).

2)   As soon as you move out of your parents house, you no longer have a room at your parents house.

I learned this several years ago when I went away to college.  I didn’t have a room after I graduated so I rented an apartment in the city.  And now that I have moved away from Buffalo it hasn’t changed when I come home for the holidays either.  Even with the many rooms in my folks’ house, there are even more relatives that come visit (it truly is great to see everyone, and who can blame them after enjoying the delicious feast we had).  So the couch is my kingdom for now (and I secretly enjoy passing out on it anyways).

3)   There is no such thing as vacation if you visit after closing.

My brother closed on a house a few weeks before my visit.  So I spent most of the week painting and cleaning to get it ready to move in because my brother/father/mother were at work all week.  I’m hoping it will pay off in the form of an available bed come Christmas.

4)   It’s a lot easier to elude the designation of D.D. when you don’t have a car.

My car was left at my apartment in Arlington, obviously.  So while going out with old friends (the night before Thanksgiving is annually the biggest party night of the year) I was not stuck as the designated driver.  But, as always, I made sure I had a safe way home.

5)   There’s no place like home.

It was great to go back home and see my family, friends, and old stomping grounds (I think local food is always the thing you miss the most while away).  Catching up, reminiscing about old memories, and creating new ones is something to cherish.  On my return, however, I was pleasantly surprised.  I haven’t been in Arlington for very long, but I got the same feelings as I touched down last night.  It felt great to be “home”.  It’s a long process but I’m slowly getting acclimated to my new surroundings, making new friends, and I am learning everyday.  I’m slowly becoming an Arlingtonian.

By: David

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