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2010 Trends In Housing of Northern Virginia



Your Guide to Las Vegas Real Estate Trends

Your Guide to Las Vegas Real Estate Trends
By Jessica E. Bitts

News reports indicate the economy in the U.S. has a lot of people tightening their belts. Industry and homeowners alike are having to endure these hard situations. Among the hardest hit it seems is the homeowner. This market has seen home foreclosures hitting all time high rates – a fact that has the common individual reevaluating their investing habits. Case in point: the Las Vegas real estate market has suffered, too, but short-sales and foreclosures are sky rocketing. So what does this mean for investors and cash conscious real estate buyers? Opportunity!

Let’s talk a little bit about how Las Vegas house foreclosures and real estate short sales work, so you can better appreciate how there can be a positive aspect in it for the wise investor.

A short sale happens when the homeowner is unable to make their mortgage payments and the bank agrees to allow a sale of the property for less than the amount owed on the property. Wonder why that is? When payments stop coming in, the banks will consider taking a lesser amount, thinking to themselves that something is better than nothing. From the start, it must be apparent to the lender that it is impossible for them to be repaid the original amount. The property owner and buyer are linked, a sale is arranged and the bank or investment company must approve it. Once that’s settled, the homeowner gets out from under a house they cannot pay for, the new property owner gets an incredible bargain on a Las Vegas home, and the loan company will get at least part of their loan repaid.

A foreclosure happens when the loan merchant has had to take steps to take the property back. Now the mortgage lender does not want the home, they are motivated sellers! With the market being down, the new homebuyer wins.

Currently, property short sales and mortgage foreclosures are a booming sector in Las Vegas real estate. These are incredible family homes at unbelievable bargain prices. As it stands, these two types of home sales comprise a significant part of Las Vegas houses real estate and fortunate new house buyers are getting astounding bargains. Here are a couple examples:

A planned community called The Lakes is in Las Vegas, is built around a man made lake. There are multiple homes for sale in this lovely community, which features multi-storied classy homes with manicured lawns and breathtaking trees.

Another development to consider is Seven Hills. If you have been waiting for a great piece of real estate, take a look at this area! The community is gated, and is located merely 7mi from the radiant Las Vegas Strip. This development prides itself on being home to several golf clubs and courses.

With so many properties are located in Las Vegas, you’re bound to find the one that’s right for you. The only similarities are limited to the fact that they’re all available at remarkably low prices because of the many house foreclosures and property short sales. Investors and potential new householders have more possibilities than ever to own real estate in sunny Las Vegas.

Jessica E. Bitts has been an expert on Vegas real estate for nearly a decade. Read more about Las Vegas homes on her site.

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Northern Virginia Real Estate

Northern Virginia Homes For Sale In Today’s Market

Northern Virginia Homes For Sale In Today’s Market

By: Robert Earl The Earl of Real Estate

Just because the credit market is suffering doesn’t mean you have to. You can still buy Northern Virginia luxury homes despite the decline in housing markets. Northern Virginia homes for sale are being sold at affordable prices in various counties.

While searching for an ideal Northern Virginia homes for sale you should look something which is just above your price range. Quoting a reasonable price which is slightly lower than what you had budgeted for the home will benefit you as well as the seller. There is nothing wrong in making an offer which you believe as fair. Later in you may find that your instincts were correct after all.

Typically the seller will appreciate the fast offer you made and chances are, the offer will be accepted at the suggested price. This strategy will benefit you because you will be able to stay with in your budget, and get a better house with more features then you had expected to get. As long as you have a clear picture of the things you want in your head, searching for Northern Virginia homes for sale is very simple.

There are hundreds of real estate agents throughout Northern Virginia that would be glad to help you find Northern Virginia homes for sale. There are many Northern Virginia luxury homes that are also for sale at bargain prices. Loan agents will be glad to help walk you through the purchasing process and get you pre-approved for a mortgage, at which point you can focus on finding the right home for you in Northern Virginia.

Virginia is a beautiful state with endless gifts to offer. Stunning mountain vistas and charming cities make this area truly feel like home. For this reason, more and more people are rushing to buy in Northern Virginia. However, because the market is continually fluctuating, the benefits are with the buyers. Now is the time to buy an affordable and spectacular house that you and your family will cherish.

Values of Northern Virginia houses may be temporarily falling, but will soon rise again. Wouldn’t you like to invest in an amazing house that is guaranteed to make you money down the road? A good way to determine how much your house is worth is to do a search online for housing prices in your area. This way, you will know exactly what price to offer for the home in which you are interested.


Louisville Real Estate Trends Compared to the Rest of the Country

Louisville Real Estate Trends Compared to the Rest of the Country
By Jim Powell

Beginning with home sales on a national basis, sales of existing homes are up 36 percent as of November 2009 (the most recent real estate figures available) from their lowest point in January 2009. Home sales in Louisville are up a more modest 17.4 percent over the same period. It’s important to note, however, that while Louisville’s real estate market had suffered setbacks consistent with many other areas of the country, these setbacks were mostly not as deep or severe. This puts Louisville’s realty market recovery in a much more favorable and accurate light.

Median sales price is another barometer of the local and national housing market that real estate professionals and economists use to determine real estate trends. Nationally, median selling prices of existing single-family homes are down 4.3 percent year-over-year from the previous November with an average selling price of $171,900. The median selling price of Louisville homes for sale is up 1.1 percent or $1,350 to $126,750. Again, Louisville’s gains are modest but with so many housing markets across the country reeling from the housing crisis, Louisville real estate is outperforming many other markets, at least for now.

Another important indicator of a market’s health is the number of foreclosures. Foreclosures negatively impact housing values and create a host of other problems and some neighborhoods across the country have whole streets with abandoned homes with only one or two occupied. Nationally, the news on foreclosures is grim with another wave of foreclosures expected in mid-2010 as another round of adjustable-rate mortgage rate increases is due. In the third quarter of 2009, foreclosure filings, which include bank repossessions, default notices and scheduled auctions, rose 5 percent from the second quarter to 937,840 properties repossessed. This increase in foreclosures was up a very discouraging 23 percent from the third quarter in 2008.

Louisville foreclosures are not as dire as the rest of the country, but still a serious problem for homeowners, lenders and others. In the latest report available, the Louisville real estate market suffered 1,496 foreclosures from September to November 2009. That is still a very high figure for the Louisville metropolitan area; however, compared to comparably sized cities across the country, Louisville is faring far better than most. Part of the reason for this is Louisville real estate values didn’t escalate as steeply over the previous years as many other markets around the country did, so when they fell, they didn’t fall as hard.

Overall, the market isn’t great, but very few markets across the country are at the moment. Louisville real estate prices have stabilized for now and are showing modest appreciation. Whether the Louisville realty market will continue to improve in the coming year is difficult to forecast for now, but some Louisville insiders are confident that it will.

Jim Powell is a Louisville real estate agent and the owner of Louisville Properties LLC, a experienced company offering a complete line up of realty services in and around Louisville, KY.

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Northern Virginia Real Estate

Technology Trends in Multifamily Housing

Technology Trends in Multifamily Housing

By Les Goss

Multifamily executives must constantly evaluate new technology hardware and software products at the same time they are integrating current tools, upgrading legacy systems and training staff to take advantage of underutilized components of programs they already have in place. As quickly as things are changing in this area, it can be a real challenge to keep up.

Social Media

It can be difficult to know exactly how social media like Facebook and Twitter contribute to the bottom line in apartment communities. Many apartment managers and owners feel obligated to maintain Facebook fan pages simply because all their competitors have one. But is it as critical as a clean pool, nice landscaping and a friendly, knowledgeable staff? According to a large survey of apartment residents conducted by J. Turner Research, only 8% had ever visited a community’s fan page.

On the other hand, many apartment managers are using social media to improve their rankings in the search engines at the same time they’re slashing their print advertising budgets. Plus, the only cost associated with a Facebook page is the staff time to create it, and occasionally update it. A small price to pay for an online presence that never goes away.

Mobile Phones

There are now more Americans with cell phones than either internet access or cable TV, and an estimated 70 million of us regularly use mobile web browsers. Google recently released Android, a software package for mobile devices, and on February 16, 2010 they announced that 60,000 cell phones with Android are shipping every day. Apple recently marked their 4 billionth app download, so as you can see, mobile devices are here to stay.

UDR, a Colorado-based REIT that owns 45,000 apartment units nationally, says that 9% of its web visitors in 2009 used phones for access, viewed over 400,000 pages and created 97 mobile leases. No doubt these numbers will continue to grow.

UDR was also the first to create an “augmented reality” app for multifamily. A potential renter can point their phone’s camera at an apartment and see pricing and availability data superimposed over the live picture. After launching in September 2009, UDR had over 125,000 downloads by the end of the year. Other firms have already created similar proprietary apps and more are sure to follow.

Web Portals

Another large and growing trend among apartment communities is the development of integrated websites that serve tenants and free up staff for other duties. Already, residents can pay rent online and submit work orders. Some properties even send out lease renewals with incentives for renewing early online. Freed from these mundane and time-consuming tasks, onsite personnel can spend more time showing apartments and performing other duties that increase resident satisfaction.

As you can see, technology is beginning to rapidly change the world of apartment management. I’m sure that apps for the iPad are already in development that will continue to accelerate this trend for the foreseeable future.

Les Goss is a real estate investor and syndicator in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Northern Virginia Real Estate

How to Use Trends to Make Smart Real Estate Investment Decisions

How to Use Trends to Make Smart Real Estate Investment Decisions

By Glen Crozier

How much sense does it make to go out and borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) to buy a property that has been going down in value over the last three years? The National Association of Realtors wants everyone to believe that “now is the perfect time to buy”. Surely prices can’t keep going down, right? Do you really want to gamble on that? Banks are just now starting to unload their vast inventory of foreclosures on the market. What happens when supply exceeds demand? Yep, prices tend to go down. It doesn’t matter what a talking head or “guru” says, the market is always right and the only way to know what the market is doing is by looking at the price action. Everything else that anyone says or believes is mere speculation. Prices don’t lie, people do.

Now, I understand that due to the illiquid nature of real estate it is quite difficult to time the market very well at all. Also, you can’t exactly go short on a house like you can a stock. However, let me give you a few ideas that can help you make sound buying decisions when you decide to take another try at making money in real estate.

For starters, I would never buy something in a declining market unless it was steeply discounted to the point of being lower than the long-term price trend in any particular market. You’ll never time the market well at all, but an awareness of the price trend will help you to at least not fly blind. How do you know real estate price trends? Take a look at and you’ll see how to pull up price charts for your local housing market. The graphs are very helpful and they’re free.

Now, how do you make buying decisions with this information? Here’s a couple of pointers: 1. Wait for a well defined uptrend in your market if you’re goal is to make money from appreciation. 2. Why not tie up some housing with options to purchase in a few years. You could sublease the property while you hold onto the option to purchase. Wouldn’t be such a bad idea when the California market decides to come back. There are plenty of other strategies. Do some research and you’ll learn several others. I’m making it sounds simple, but these sorts of strategies can quickly become as refined, scientific, and complex as you want to make them by utilizing more information and experience. This is where you can really define your edge in your market place.

There are still some good investment deals out there if you know where to look. If you need assistance in locating some of these, please feel free to visit our website at and leave your contact information so we may respond to your request.

Here’s another idea: Pool some money with some friends and family and buy some houses at your county auction. Not as easy as it sounds, but definitely a money maker once you learn the rules of the game. Buy a course or two on the subject and you’ll quickly learn how to mitigate the potential risks.

Virtual Banking Companies Unlimited LLC is a Private Placement Trading Program that works closely with INVESCO, a Portfolio Selection Agent company. Together the two combined companies search for solid and stable investment deals.

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