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Northern Virginia Homes For Sale In Today’s Market

Northern Virginia Homes For Sale In Today’s Market

By: Robert Earl The Earl of Real Estate

Just because the credit market is suffering doesn’t mean you have to. You can still buy Northern Virginia luxury homes despite the decline in housing markets. Northern Virginia homes for sale are being sold at affordable prices in various counties.

While searching for an ideal Northern Virginia homes for sale you should look something which is just above your price range. Quoting a reasonable price which is slightly lower than what you had budgeted for the home will benefit you as well as the seller. There is nothing wrong in making an offer which you believe as fair. Later in you may find that your instincts were correct after all.

Typically the seller will appreciate the fast offer you made and chances are, the offer will be accepted at the suggested price. This strategy will benefit you because you will be able to stay with in your budget, and get a better house with more features then you had expected to get. As long as you have a clear picture of the things you want in your head, searching for Northern Virginia homes for sale is very simple.

There are hundreds of real estate agents throughout Northern Virginia that would be glad to help you find Northern Virginia homes for sale. There are many Northern Virginia luxury homes that are also for sale at bargain prices. Loan agents will be glad to help walk you through the purchasing process and get you pre-approved for a mortgage, at which point you can focus on finding the right home for you in Northern Virginia.

Virginia is a beautiful state with endless gifts to offer. Stunning mountain vistas and charming cities make this area truly feel like home. For this reason, more and more people are rushing to buy in Northern Virginia. However, because the market is continually fluctuating, the benefits are with the buyers. Now is the time to buy an affordable and spectacular house that you and your family will cherish.

Values of Northern Virginia houses may be temporarily falling, but will soon rise again. Wouldn’t you like to invest in an amazing house that is guaranteed to make you money down the road? A good way to determine how much your house is worth is to do a search online for housing prices in your area. This way, you will know exactly what price to offer for the home in which you are interested.

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Open Your Doors and Close Your Drawers

Realtors that are holding open houses should be vigilant of a man in search of prescription pills according to Northern Virginia Association of Realtors.

Members are cautioned to advise their seller clients to remove all jewelry, valuables and prescription drugs from their homes and to double check cabinets and drawers for those items prior to Open Houses.

This past weekend, two local Realtors® hosted a Fairfax County Open House and observed suspicious behavior by a visitor. One of the agents remembered this house hunter from a past Open House where prescription drugs were stolen. He observed the person looking into the medicine cabinets after requesting to be alone in the bathroom “to make a call.”
The alleged suspect is a white male, about 5’11”, approximately 180 lbs., with light-colored hair, shoulder-length in back. His vehicle was a late model F150 royal blue pick-up truck, with “4 x 4” in white letters on the back end.

Should you come across this person, it is advised that you do not attempt a confrontation.  Please call police authorities immediately.

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Quick Tips for Showing Your Home

Home Sellers,

While showing your home, whether by appointment or while holding an open house, keep these tips in mind:

* Clean and de-clutter your home (of course)

* Turn on all lights (including halls, bathrooms, stairwells…)

* Open all window coverings (natural light is important)

* Put soft classical or jazz music on stereo

* Clear off kitchen or bathroom counters

* Don’t leave dishes in sink

* Close the toilet seats

* Put some fresh flowers outside the front door and on the kitchen table

* Ensure the temperature is comfortable (a house that’s too hot or too cold will usher out buyers quickly)

* Remove the cat box from the house

* Put some potpourri out or use air fresheners

Remember, on the day of a showing it’s the little things that count.  Do things that will be pleasing to the senses of a potential buyer.  You want to brighten rooms to help their sight and provide pleasant smells and sounds.

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Should I Cancel an Open House due to Bad Weather?

In bad weather, you should probably expect to see less people come by to view an open house.  Depending on the weather you might not see anyone.  Does this mean you should cancel the open house you had planned?  No way.

Last winter, Devon and Nick McConnell were holding an open house for the one-bedroom co-op they shared on West End Avenue in Manhattan.  There just happened to be a blizzard in NYC that day.  Their broker told them not to cancel.  “You don’t have tire-kickers coming out in a blizzard.  They are serious shoppers.”  They sold for $435,000; $36,000 more than their asking price.

Never cancel an open house already scheduled because of mother nature.  You never know what or who you’ll miss.

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