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Northern Virginia Homes For Sale In Today’s Market

Northern Virginia Homes For Sale In Today’s Market

By: Robert Earl The Earl of Real Estate

Just because the credit market is suffering doesn’t mean you have to. You can still buy Northern Virginia luxury homes despite the decline in housing markets. Northern Virginia homes for sale are being sold at affordable prices in various counties.

While searching for an ideal Northern Virginia homes for sale you should look something which is just above your price range. Quoting a reasonable price which is slightly lower than what you had budgeted for the home will benefit you as well as the seller. There is nothing wrong in making an offer which you believe as fair. Later in you may find that your instincts were correct after all.

Typically the seller will appreciate the fast offer you made and chances are, the offer will be accepted at the suggested price. This strategy will benefit you because you will be able to stay with in your budget, and get a better house with more features then you had expected to get. As long as you have a clear picture of the things you want in your head, searching for Northern Virginia homes for sale is very simple.

There are hundreds of real estate agents throughout Northern Virginia that would be glad to help you find Northern Virginia homes for sale. There are many Northern Virginia luxury homes that are also for sale at bargain prices. Loan agents will be glad to help walk you through the purchasing process and get you pre-approved for a mortgage, at which point you can focus on finding the right home for you in Northern Virginia.

Virginia is a beautiful state with endless gifts to offer. Stunning mountain vistas and charming cities make this area truly feel like home. For this reason, more and more people are rushing to buy in Northern Virginia. However, because the market is continually fluctuating, the benefits are with the buyers. Now is the time to buy an affordable and spectacular house that you and your family will cherish.

Values of Northern Virginia houses may be temporarily falling, but will soon rise again. Wouldn’t you like to invest in an amazing house that is guaranteed to make you money down the road? A good way to determine how much your house is worth is to do a search online for housing prices in your area. This way, you will know exactly what price to offer for the home in which you are interested.


7 Powerful Tips to Get the Best Mortgage Interest Rate Despite Your Credit Rating

7 Powerful Tips to Get the Best Mortgage Interest Rate Despite Your Credit Rating By Mark Polman

If you are looking for your first mortgage or if you are considering refinancing a loan on your current home you are in for some interesting challenges. Mortgage rates haven’t been this low since Nixon was in the Whitehouse. On the other hand, banks have never been stingier with their money. Having been clobbered with defaults (thanks to their loosey goosey policies of the past) banks are more interested in keeping good loans than risking a loss on new loans. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get a loan at the interest rate you want, it just means you have to do a bit more work.

1. Know what the score is

The score of course is your FICO score and while it’s based on your credit history you have to buy it to find out what it is. Your credit report however, is free and has to be provided to you by the three main reporting companies thanks to federal law. Get your report and the report of your spouse and go over it. Over 70% of the reports have errors or missing information.

2. Know what you can afford

Do an honest assessment of what you can afford for a total mortgage payment including loan rate, taxes and insurance. Track down your real living expenses for the past three months and then subtract that from the income you earned in the same time. From that number subtract your current rent expense and that will leave you with an absolute maximum that you can afford each month.

3. Be prepared as a first time homebuyer

Gather together your “presentation package” which should include last year’s tax return, copies of any other loans that you may have outstanding and proof of other assets like savings, 401k, stock or other land holdings. Having this ready before applying makes the process less daunting.

4. Shop until you drop

The objective is to get pre-qualified for a loan you can afford so you are in a stronger negotiating position when dealing with a home seller. However, all mortgage lenders are not the same. Shop rate and terms, particularly early payment penalties and closing costs before you decide to apply.

5. Good Credit But No Equity – No Problem

If you are trying to refinance your home to take advantage of the incredibly low interest rates that are available, but you discover you’ve lost equity because your home has dropped in value in this market, Fannie Mae has a program for you. The Fannie Mae Refi Plus program will provide you with a mortgage regardless of your equity standing as long as you are not upside down more than 5%. You still have to credit qualify and jump through the application hoops but your good credit can help you drop your monthly payment dramatically.

6. Bad Credit But You Have A FHA Loan – No Problem

If you have a FHA loan and your credit is less than stellar there is still a solution for refinancing and getting the lower rates. The FHA Stream Line Refi program will allow you to refinance your loan at no cost providing you have not been more than 30 days late in payment and that has occurred no more than twice in a 12 month period.

7. Facing Foreclosure – Problems But…

If you are looking at a foreclosure remember that the last thing you want to do is nothing. The federal government is pressuring banks, particularly the ones who got TARP money, to modify loans that are in trouble. This can take the form of lower rates, longer terms and even outright forgiveness of part of the loan. The trick here is you should use a broker who knows how this works. Doing it yourself usually results in a non-responsive attitude on the part of the bank.

Mortgages and loan rates are at record lows and the best way to take advantage of them is to keep yourself informed of the options and be ready to move on them quickly.

Business expert Mark Polman keeps his eye on mortgage rates not only in the US but in Canada as well. Different economic conditions and regulations can have a real impact on loan rates in Canada. If you live in the great Maple Leaf country and you’re looking to refi then you need to visit Mortgage Canada Rates.

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What You Need to Know About Buying a Foreclosure at Auction

What You Need to Know About Buying a Foreclosure at Auction

By Joshua Martindale

If you are looking for a good deal on a house, buying a foreclosure at auction is something you should consider. Whenever a homeowner is no longer able to pay for a home, the mortgage company takes possession of the home. Sometimes, in order to recoup some of the money that was lost, the bank will sell the house at an affordable price at a government auction.

There are many advantages to buying a foreclosed home. For starters, you will save a lot of money. Instead of going through all of the trouble to obtaining a mortgage for a new home, why not buy one at an auction? According to statistics, the average home buyer saves up to 40% when buying a foreclosed house or property.

You can profit from buying foreclosed property as well. If you do not want to live in the home yourself, you can rent it out for income. The rent money you receive each month can help you pay your own mortgage on a newer home. You could also fix the foreclosed home up and sell it for a huge profit!

At least some good is coming out of the depressing economy. With all of the home foreclosures these past few years, it is nice to know that there are still ways to make money. Even if you are unsure about buying a foreclosure at auction, you can still check out some of the homes for sale.

You can obtain a schedule of upcoming auctions by looking through your local newspaper listings or on the internet. Sometimes notifications are listed in newspapers whenever a home is foreclosed. If you find a home you are interested in, notify real estate agents and attorneys in your area. You can learn more about the home.

Before buying any property, however, bring an inspector with you. Inspect the property to ensure that it is in good condition. Sometimes, when people find out that they are about to lose their homes, they will make a mess before they leave or remove all the appliances. Make sure this has not happened to the house you want to buy. Many foreclosed homes are sold “as is” for this very reason.

In addition to inspecting the property, you should also determine the ownership. Make absolutely certain that there are no existing liens on the house. Conduct a title search just in case there are any ownership problems. You don’t want to spend money on a foreclosed home only to find out that there is a lien or judgment on it.

Determine how you are going to finance the property. Is the current loan assumable? Will you have to pay cash? Will you be able to pay with credit? Different jurisdictions have different laws in regards to purchasing foreclosures at auctions. Since the legal proceedings can be confusing, make sure you are able to grasp at least the basics before going forward with your purchase.

Are you interested in Florida real estate? If you want to learn about the Florida market quickly, be sure to visit my St. Augustine real estate blog and my Daytona Beach real estate blog for more information.

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NHL Award Predictions

With the 2009-2010 NHL season wrapping up this weekend, here are my predictions of award winner at the NHL Awards Night in Las Vegas on June 18th.

Stanley Cup
Awarded to: NHL Playoff Champion
Holder: Pittsburgh Penguins
Prediction: Chicago Blackhawks

Prince of Wales Trophy
Awarded to: Eastern Conference Playoff Champion
Holder: Pittsburgh Penguins
Prediction: Washington Capitols

Clarence S. Campbell Bowl
Awarded to: Western Conference Playoff Champion
Holder: Detroit Red Wings
Prediction: Chicago Blackhawks

President’s Trophy
Awarded to: Most Points in Regular Season
Holder: San Jose Sharks
Winner: Washington Capitols

Hart Memorial Trophy
Awarded to: League MVP
Holder: Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitols)
Prediction: Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitols)
Also Running: Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins), Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres), Henrik Sedin (Vancouver Canucks)

Vezina Trophy
Awarded to: Best Goalie
Holder: Tim Thomas (Boston Bruins)
Prediction: Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres)
Also Running: Ilya Bryzgalov (Phoenix Coyotes), Martin Broeduer (New Jersey Devils), Craig Anderson (Colorado Avalanche)

James Norris Memorial Trophy
Awarded to: Best Defenseman
Holder: Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins)
Prediction: Mike Green (Washington Capitols)
Also Running: Duncan Keith (Chicago Blackhawks), Drew Doughty (Los Angeles Kings), Chris Pronger (Philadelphia Flyers)

Calder Memorial Trophy
Awarded to: Best Rookie
Holder: Steve Mason (Columbus Blue Jackets)
Prediction: Tyler Myers (Buffalo Sabres)
Also Running: Matt Duchene (Los Angeles Kings), John Tavares (New York Islanders), Jimmy Howard (Detroit Red Wings)

Jack Adams Award
Awarded to: Best Coach
Holder: Claude Julien (Boston Bruins)
Prediction: Dave Tippett (Phoenix Coyotes)
Also Running: Joe Sacco (Colorado Avalanche), Terry Murray (Los Angeles Kings), Cory Clouston (Ottawa Senators)

Lady Bing Memorial Trophy
Awarded for: Sportsmanship
Holder: Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Redwings)
Prediction: Brad Richards (Dallas Stars)
Also Running: Martin St. Louis (Tampa Bay Lightning), Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks), Patrick Marleau (San Jose Sharks)

Conn Smyth Trophy
Awarded to: Playoff MVP
Holder: Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Prediction: Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks)

Art Ross Trophy
Awarded to: Points Leader
Holder: Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Leaders: Henrik Sedin – 107 (Vancouver Canucks) and Alex Ovechkin – 106 (Washington Capitols)

Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy
Award to: Most Goals
Holder: Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitols)
Leaders: Alex Ovechkin – 48 (Washington Capitols), Sidney Crosby – 48 (Pittsburgh Penguins), Steve Stamkos – 47 (Tampa Bay Lightning)

NHL Plus-Minus Award
Awarded to: Highest +/-
Holder: David Krejci (Boston Bruins)
Leaders: Jeff Schultz – +44 (Washington Capitols) and Alex Ovechkin – +43 (Washington Capitols)

Roger Crozier Saving Grace Award
Awarded to: Highest Save Percentage
Holder: Tim Thomas (Boston Bruins)
Leaders: Tuukka Rask – .930 (Boston Bruins), Ryan Miller – .928 (Buffalo Sabres)

William M. Jennings Trophy
Awarded to: Team Least Goals Against
Holders: Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez (Boston Bruins)
Leaders: Martin Brodeur – 186 (New Jersey Devils) and Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask – 194(Boston Bruins)

Not Listed: Bill Masterson Memorial Trophy (Perseverance, Sportsmanship, Dedication), Lester B. Pearson Award (Outstanding Player as voted by Players Association), Frank J. Selke Trophy (Best Defensive Forward), King Clancy Memorial Trophy (Humanitarian Leadership), NHL Foundation Player Award (Community Service), Mark Messier Leadership Award (Leadership), NHL Lifetime Achievement Award, Scotiabank Fan Fav Award (Fans’ Favorite Player)

Virginia Housing Trends
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Fading Home Fads

Fads come and go (remember Zubas?) and the same occurs within the realm of real estate.  An article was recently written in REALTOR Magazine discussing some home fashions that are starting to go out of fashion.  The list includes:

1. Fireplaces: The fireplace skyrocketed in importance in homes in 1991 with 62 percent of new homes having one or more. But the number has steadily been decreasing ever since. In 2007, the number dropped to 51 percent.

2. Carpet: While 54 percent of homes still have carpet floors, the number is decreasing and hardwood floors are taking the place. Vinyl and ceramic tile flooring also are being bypassed more by buyers. Seventeen percent of new homes contain hardwood floors throughout the entire house.

3. Living room: These once-decorative centerpieces of homes are slowly vanishing from newer homes. Thirty-four percent of consumers say they’re willing to buy a home without a living room.

4. Desks in the kitchen: These desks were once looked at as great storage areas but they’re often too small and quickly become clutter spaces in a home, said Gayle Butler, editor in chief of Better Homes and Gardens. Instead, more consumers say they prefer larger desks in or near the family room—equipped with a messaging center—where they can keep an eye on their kids as they work on the computer.

5. Skylights: The little windows that allow natural light to seep into a home from above are falling out of style. Only 10 percent of new homes will include them this year, a continuing downward spiral for skylights.

6. Upscale kitchen finishes: Granite countertops are slowly becoming less desirable among buyers who are now moving toward affordable, low-maintenance laminate countertops—which tend to last longer and now come in various styles.

So add these to the “passe” list along with acid-wash jeans and Members-Only jackets, grunge and disco music, VHS and cassette tapes, and the DeLorean and VW buses.  But you know what they say; fads are cyclical.  Maybe we will once again see kitchen appliances in avocado and mediterrainean brown colors as we did in the 70’s.

Home Fads That Are Falling Out of Style

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NFL Pro Bowl Selections

12 teams have earned the right to compete in the football tournament known as the NFL playoffs.  That, however, is for a later blog.  Today we look back at.

The NFL announced the players voted to be the best in the league over the past 17 weeks that comprised the regular season.  These players will compete in the NFL Pro Bowl, professional football’s all-star game, on January 31 at Dolphin Stadium:

AFC Offense: QB Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts), Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers), Tom Brady (New England Patriots).  RB Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans), Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars), Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens).  FB La’Ron McClain (Baltimore Ravens).  WR Andre Johnson (Houston Texans), Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts), Brandon Marshall (Denver Broncos), Wes Welker (New England Patriots).  TE Dallas Clark (Indianapolis Colts), Antonio Gates (San Diego Chargers).  OT Jake Long (Miami Dolphins), Ryan Clady (Denver Broncos), Joe Thomas (Cleveland Browns).  OG Logan Mankins (New England Patriots), Alan Faneca (New York Jets), Kris Dielman (San Diego Chargers).  C Nick Mangold (New York Jets), Jeff Saturday (Indianapolis Colts).

AFC Defense: DE Dwight Freeney (Indianapolis Colts), Robert Mathis (Indianapolis Colts), Mario Williams (Houston Texans).  DT Haloti Ngata (Baltimore Ravens), Vince Wilfork (New England Patriots), Casey Hampton (Pittsburgh Steelers).  OLB  Elvis Dumerville (Denver Broncos), James Harrison (Pittsburgh Steelers), Brian Cushing (Houston Texans).  ILB Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens), DeMeco Ryans (Houston Texans).  CB Darrelle Revis (New York Jets), Nnamdi Asomugha (Oakland Raiders), Champ Bailey (Denver Broncos).  FS Ed Reed (Baltimore Ravens), Jarius Byrd (Buffalo Bills).  SS Brian Dawkins (Denver Broncos).

AFC Special Teams: K Nate Kaeding (San Diego Chargers).  P Shane Lechler (Oakland Raiders).  KR Joshua Cribbs (Cleveland Browns).  ST Kassim Osgood (San Diego Chargers).

NFC Offense: QB Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints), Brett Favre (Minnesota Vikings), Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers).  RB Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings), Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams), DeAngelo Williams (Carolina Panthers).  FB Leonard Weaver (Philadelphia Eagles).  WR Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals), DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia Eagles), Miles Austin (Dallas Cowboys), Sidney Rice (Minnesota Vikings).  TE Vernon Davis (San Francisco 49ers), Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys).  OT Jason Peters (Philadelphia Eagles), Bryant McKinnie (Minnesota Vikings), Jon Stinchcomb (New Orleans Saints).  OG Steve Hutchinson (Minnesota Vikings), Jahri Evans (New Orleans Saints), Leonard Davis (Dallas Cowboys).  C Andre Gurode (Dallas Cowboys), Shaun O’Hara (New York Giants).

NFC Defense: DE Jared Allen (Minnesota Vikings), Julius Peppers (Carolina Panthers), Trent Cole (Philadelphia Eagles).  DT Kevin Williams (Minnesota Vikings), Darnell Dockett (Arizona Cardinals), Jay Ratliff (Dallas Cowboys).  OLB DeMarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys), Lance Briggs (Chicago Bears), Brian Orakpo (Washington Redskins).  ILB Patrick Willis (San Francisco 49ers), Jonathan Vilma (New Orleans Saints).  CB Charles Woodson (Green Bay Packers), Asante Samuel (Philadelphia Eagles), Dominique Rogers-Cromartie (Arizona Cardinals).  FS Darren Sharper (New Orleans Saints), Nick Collins (Green Bay Packers).  SS Adrian Wilson (Arizona Cardinals).

NFC Special Teams: K David Akers (Philadelphia Eagles).  P Andy Lee (San Francisco 49ers).  KR Percy Harvin (Minnesota Vikings).  ST Heath Farwell (Minnesota Vikings).

The Pro Bowl will be shown at 8:00 p.m. EST on ESPN.

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