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2010 Trends In Housing of Northern Virginia



Northern Virginia Homes For Sale In Today’s Market

Northern Virginia Homes For Sale In Today’s Market

By: Robert Earl The Earl of Real Estate

Just because the credit market is suffering doesn’t mean you have to. You can still buy Northern Virginia luxury homes despite the decline in housing markets. Northern Virginia homes for sale are being sold at affordable prices in various counties.

While searching for an ideal Northern Virginia homes for sale you should look something which is just above your price range. Quoting a reasonable price which is slightly lower than what you had budgeted for the home will benefit you as well as the seller. There is nothing wrong in making an offer which you believe as fair. Later in you may find that your instincts were correct after all.

Typically the seller will appreciate the fast offer you made and chances are, the offer will be accepted at the suggested price. This strategy will benefit you because you will be able to stay with in your budget, and get a better house with more features then you had expected to get. As long as you have a clear picture of the things you want in your head, searching for Northern Virginia homes for sale is very simple.

There are hundreds of real estate agents throughout Northern Virginia that would be glad to help you find Northern Virginia homes for sale. There are many Northern Virginia luxury homes that are also for sale at bargain prices. Loan agents will be glad to help walk you through the purchasing process and get you pre-approved for a mortgage, at which point you can focus on finding the right home for you in Northern Virginia.

Virginia is a beautiful state with endless gifts to offer. Stunning mountain vistas and charming cities make this area truly feel like home. For this reason, more and more people are rushing to buy in Northern Virginia. However, because the market is continually fluctuating, the benefits are with the buyers. Now is the time to buy an affordable and spectacular house that you and your family will cherish.

Values of Northern Virginia houses may be temporarily falling, but will soon rise again. Wouldn’t you like to invest in an amazing house that is guaranteed to make you money down the road? A good way to determine how much your house is worth is to do a search online for housing prices in your area. This way, you will know exactly what price to offer for the home in which you are interested.


Current Housing Market Trends of Austin, Texas

Current Housing Market Trends of Austin, Texas

By Ramaswamy Sundaram

The housing markets of US are plagued by multiple problems – foreclosure crisis, delinquencies and defaulted mortgages, stagnation in sales of residential as well as commercial properties, piling up inventories of unsold homes, tightening up of qualifications for home loans, and home buyers sitting on the wall – skeptical about the way the housing market is heading. The fluctuation in the market, with regard to number of properties available for sale, including foreclosure distress sale, is considerable.

So it would be worthwhile to keep a watch on the current market trends and here are the statistics pertaining to Austin, Texas housing market, updated till last week.

While a lot of housing markets are struggling with declining prices of residential properties, Austin renders comparatively good news for home sellers, who are distressed by the real estate news of US. Austin has popular neighborhoods that are actually attractive to buyers by their location, amenities, conveniences and comforts nearby, such as – Steiner Ranch; Zilker; Downtown; South River City; Hyde Park and Bouldin.

According to reliable real estate sites, in respect of properties listed for sale from all the above neighborhoods, during the period taken for review namely February 10 to April 10 there is an upward trend in median sale prices. In this quarter, the median sale price of homes was $233,538 – which is an increase by $12,838 or 10.6 percent, compared to the earlier quarter.

Compared to last year, there is an increase of 9.9 percent overall. What is so encouraging is selling prices of homes have appreciated by 20.8 percent, taking into consideration the trend of last 5 years at Austin, irrespective of the foreclosure crisis, short sale hassles and other problems distressing home owners.

The listing price of homes for sale in MLS is another criterion to measure the market trends. On that count also, Austin homes show progress. Statistics collected on a weekly basis reveal that for the week ending May 5, 2010, the listing price of Austin homes was $440,135 – an increase of $8,370 or 1.9 percent compared to the previous week and compared to the week ending 14th April, this is an increase by $2,957 or 0.7 percent.

Ramaswamy Sundaram is Indian. Senior Citizen. Retired Personnel Manager. M.A. English Litt., Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management; Diploma in Commerce; Typewriting and Shorthand. He is certified expert author at this site. He is undertaking writing assignments from service buyers online, specializing in US Real Estate foreclosure. Having written more than 1500 write ups on various subjects, a majority of them about US Real Estate, he possesses the expertise to write on any subject with due research. You can contact him for your writing jobs through mail at and get quality deliverables at competitive cost.

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Buying Foreclosures For Sale – Making an Informed Decision

Buying Foreclosures For Sale – Making an Informed Decision

By Joseph B. Smith

Buying foreclosures for sale is not something that you should do right away, especially if you do not have any knowledge of the real estate foreclosure investing market. This type of investment needs research and planning to make sure that you are buying the right foreclosure property that can give you profit in the future.

A little research on the types of foreclosure properties that are available in the market would come a long way in helping you make an informed buying decision. So take down some notes for a profitable investment and a secure financial future.

Pre-foreclosure Homes for Sale:

Pre-foreclosure homes are distressed properties sold by homeowners who want to avoid the trouble of foreclosures. You get to negotiate directly with the homeowners to allow you to negotiate for a better price. Before you meet with the homeowner, make sure that you have arranged your finances to give you a leverage during bargaining. Distressed homeowners are desperate to dispose of their homes, thus giving you an edge over other offers to buy.

However, when buying foreclosures for sale during pre-foreclosure, make sure that you have done some research on the financial record of the property that you want to buy. Know if there are some unpaid taxes or any other liens. Also, hire a home inspector to give you a professional opinion on the condition of the house. Some major structural problems are discernible only to the expert eyes of home inspector.

Auction Homes for Sale:

Auction laws vary by state so it is important that you do some research on foreclosure auction laws in the state where you plan to buy a property. In some states, winning bidders are required to pay in cash while in others, you only have to pay 10 percent of the amount plus a letter from the bank.

Also, some states allow you to transfer to the house immediately after the auction while others still give a certain time for owners to pay for the foreclosure cost before they will allow you to take over the property. Buying foreclosures for sale is a risk-free task if you do your homework first.

Joseph B. Smith has been educating buyers on the finer points of Buying Foreclosures for Sale at for over ten years. Contact Joseph B. Smith through if you need help finding information about Buying Foreclosures for Sale.

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Homes Are Selling Fast in Arlington

For most people selling their house the second most important thing, after netting the highest offer price, is selling the house fast.

Research done by realtor Brian Block shows that most homes under contract in Arlington and Alexandria have been on the market for less than 60 days.  In some price ranges, it’s as low as 36 days on average.

The only price ranges to average more than 60 days are $700-800 thousand and homes listed at over $1 million.

Of the 1,223 active listings in the MLS in the Arlington and Alexandria only 441 have been listed for more than 60 days, accounting for just 36%.

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Now is the Time to Sell Your House

In the real estate industry timing is everything (aside from location, location, location of course). The evenflow of market trends relies on the basic principle of supply and demand. If supply is low and there aren’t a lot of houses for sale then those few that are selling can demand a higher price for their home.

A normal or balanced inventory is 6 months of houses on the market. If there is more than six months it favors the buyers, who have more options. Less than six months favors the sellers, who will see more interest from buyers.

Right now there are around 635 houses for sale in Arlington County. In the last six months there have been 1,182 home sales. Therefore, Arlington County has only 3.2 months of inventory.

This means that it is a seller’s market, and if you have been thinking about selling your house or moving now is the time and the market is just right for you to get a bigger offer on your home.

Virginia Housing Trends
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