Current Value of the White House

President Obama has now been a White House resident for one year.  While other analysts will critique his record and performance over the year, has valued his home at around $292,470,000.  That is a 5.1% ($15.6 million) decrease from last January’s value of $308,059,000.

These numbers were based on the home’s physical attributes (132 rooms, 55,000 square feet, 18 acres, 16 family-guest rooms, 3 kitchens, 3 elevators, 28 fireplaces, and an underground bunker), historical value, and housing performance in the local Washington, DC market.

This may seem like quite a hit but not when compared to the previous years dip of 7.2%, $23.8 million decrease from $331,841,734.

This seems to reflect the nationwide market trends.  Housing prices continue to fall, but at a slowing rate.  Whether that is a sign of the market bottoming out or mearly a temporary trend remains to be seen.

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2010 Celebrity Neighbor Survey has released the results of their third annual Celebrity Neighbor Survey.  The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, was given to 2,000 American adults to find out whom they would and would not want to share a fence with.  Some celebs made it onto both lists.  Here are the results:

2010 Most Desirable Neighbors: The Obamas (14%), Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi (12%), Sarah Palin (12%), Taylor Swift (9%), Oprah Winfrey (7%), Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (3%), Tiger Woods (3%), Robert Pattinson (1%).

2010 Least Desirable Neighbors: Nadya Suleman aka Octomom (17%), Jon and Kate “Plus Eight” Gosselin (16%), Sarah Palin (11%), Richard and Muyami Heene aka Parents of Balloon Boy (11%), Kanye West (8%), Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of The Hills (8%), Britney Spears (7%), Tiger Woods (4%).

Click here to see the homes these celebs live in.

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Zillow Home Value Index has compiled a list of cities that are having the best year-over-year increases in home value.  The study included cities with more than 20,000 residents and compared their October 2009 Zillow Home Value Index with it’s 2008 Index.  The Zillow Home Value Index measures the median home value in an area.  According to the research the cities with the most appreaciation of home values include a few near my hometown of Grand Island, NY in the Buffalo Metro Area.  Here’s the top ten (Buffalo Metro Area in bold):

1.  Charleston, WV (17.0%)

2.  New Orleans, LA (14.2%)

3.  Wilmington, DE (13.4%)

4.  Amherst, NY (12.5%)

5.  West Seneca, NY (11.5%)

6.  Mequon, WI (11.4%)

7.  Rochester, NY (10.6%)*

8.  Cheektowaga, NY (9.8%)

9.  Florence, SC (9.7%)

10.  North Little Rock, AR (9.0%)

* Near SUNY Brockport where I attended college

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